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Mohawk Mission

Our Mission:  Get men checked for prostate cancer


Welcome to the Mission

Illinois Valley PC Support Group

The IVPCSG is a support group for men that have or are going through prostate cancer. This is a place to talk with other men going through the same thing as you. The group is led by a prostate cancer patient. Meetings are held the first Monday of each month. We will be having professionals in the cancer field occasionally speak. Come check it out!

Southside Christian Church
1180 Catherine St, Ottawa, IL

Date: Oct 3rd at 6:30PM

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Did you know men have the same risk for prostate cancer as women have for breast cancer. So why is it the world is covered in pink for breast cancer and you can't find any baby blue for prostate cancer. It's because women do an amazing job with breast cancer awareness. First of all, a lot of men do not take care of their health and when they develop something like cancer they don't speak up about it. The Mission is calling on all women to help get their men screened for prostate cancer. It's a simple blood test called a PSA test. We need your help!

The “PC” Tribe Facebook Group

The PC Tribe is a men’s only Facebook group for men that are patients/survivors of prostate cancer. This gives men a place to reach out for understanding from those that walk the same path.

“This Group is different than many others I have been a part of and Administrator for, I think it's the fact that nothing is off limits as it's all us Guys and going thru the same thing together to lean on, we help and learn from each other, the many different stages of this disease.”   

 John W.

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