"Our mission is to get men checked for prostate cancer."

The Mohawk Mission was first formed in 2021 as a social media platform for spreading awareness about prostate cancer. It included this website and pages on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Late in 2021 we formed a men's only Facebook for prostate cancer patient/survivors called the PC Tribe. This group provides men a place to freely share their journeys, the ups and downs throughout it and find support from those going through the same thing.

Early in 2022 the mission became a not-for-profit organization with the goal of supporting the PC Tribe, starting an in-person prostate cancer support group in Ottawa, IL and provide programs to help those going through prostate cancer in the rural farming community that we live in. We feel a real need for support in rural communities which seem to get bypassed by the large national organizations. We encourage you to do the same in your communities.