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Living Life One Extension at a Time - Diagnosis

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

One advanced prostate cancer survivor's story of living through incurable prostate cancer with one life extending treatment at a time.

The Diagnosis

I'm Tracy Morgan, I was diagnosed at age 58 with metastatic stage four prostate cancer which spread to my bones from my neck, spines, ribs, hips and right femur. My only problem before diagnosis was six weeks of extreme lower back pain. I had to go through physical therapy first and then finally was scheduled for a MRI. That was on a Friday morning, May 3rd, 2019. I thought I finally will see what's wrong with my back. I had the scan first thing in the morning but then had something unusual happen. The radiologist called in the late afternoon and told me to go to the emergency room as soon as possible because I had an abnormality on my scan. My wife, Beth and I went to the ER right away. The nurse asked me some questions to see if I had any signs of infection and left. It seemed like forever before ER doctor came in to see us. He had been talking with the radiologist and another radiologist from the neurological institute. When he came in we could tell things weren't good. He told us I had prostate cancer that had spread to my bones. We were given some information but to be honest we were both in shock by this. This was the longest weekend of my life. I shut down and convinced myself I had five to six months left. I started getting my affairs in order.

Appointments, Appointments and more Appointments

Monday we met with a doctor and he arranged for me to get into a urological clinic that he said he would send his father to. Words we needed to hear. Tuesday was my appointment and we met my urologist. He gave me a DRE and checked my MRI, I had never had a PSA test. By those checks he confirmed I had prostate cancer. He also told me I could not be cured but I could be treated. The clinic had a prostate cancer center within it and the radiation oncologist checked my MRI. He said he wanted to start radiation on my lower back as soon as possible. The tumor was starting to impact the sac around my spinal cord. Thursday I was scheduled for a biopsy so they could determine my Gleason score which turned out to be 8 (4+4). My biopsy PSA was 294. Friday I started ten days of radiation to my lower back. Now the first extension of my life begins.

What to Expect in Future Posts

My blog will take you through all of the extensions to my life that I have received and still am receiving. There a lot of different emotions along this journey. There will be tears, smiles, laughs and more. Please join me on my journey.

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2 comentarios

25 oct 2022

Uncle Tracy, you continue to amaze me! Even on the days when physical symptoms plague you and/or bleak thoughts crowd your mind, you push through. I admire you in every sense of the word. This Blog is a GREAT idea and I can’t wait to read more!

Me gusta

23 oct 2022

Well written says alot about you being open and honest about the disease and your

Me gusta
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